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The True Filipino

I am a true Filipino, by blood and heart,
Honor and respect, these are my Arts
I help my fellow man, to learn true values,
Tell them to change, for the greater good.
I come from the pearl, of the exotic east,

From the nation of Malays, to say the least
I have from my ancestors, Spanish and Chinese,
The blood of the Filipino, from the land and seas
With all the beauty of my world, you could say I am proud,
By being a Filipino, a blessing I was vowed
Ever before my heart, I feel valor and truth,
But I know that I am, A hope of the youth
With the deepest pain, and the greatest glory,
I fought with the world, untold in stories
All I know that I am, true to my heart,
The soul of a culture, I know I am part
Through the land adored, beloved and fought,
Against tyrant's might, freedom was sought
Thy banner and honor, I shall guard,
Valor and glory, could be the reward
I shall lead my nation, through excellence,
Virtue and valor, maintaining innocence
Alike good people, I speak veracity,
My love for country, held with sincerity
I have from my elders, knowledge and wisdom,

From the legacy of warriors, glory and freedom
Rizal and Bonifacio, true heroes of the people,
Heroism and sacrifice, acts like a ripple
Liberty and freedom, I'll fight to keep,
Hardwork and determination, success I'll reap
My land and people, held at the colonizer's plate,
Conquerors and tyrants, injustice so great!
I'll fight not only for my nation, but others as well,
To free the colonized people, from their mental cell
Rectitude and morality, Virtues I favor,
False-pride and conceit, I'll never savor
Alas my countrymen, never fear,
Thy fate and success, I shall try to steer
I am born a true fighter, destined to excel,
Against evil and all odds, I shall rebel
My nation's true meaning, I'll play the role,
Give all my effort, with all heart and soul.
I am a Maharlika*, by blood and heart,
I'll fulfill my duty, by my destiny's chart.
For honor of my people, I'll show the world,
That the Filipino's Identity, deserves respect to behold.

Ni Carlo Seletaria

* Please don't confuse maharlika with rich and powerful, but as its social class in pre-colonial Philippines, which means a person born free in this world, and since everyone is truly born free, especially we pilipinos, then we are all maharlikas.

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